our zero waste movement

we’re committed to doing everything possible to put an end to waste. 

in Australia, there are approximately 5.5 million tonnes of packaging material placed on the market annually, and just 49% ends up as recovered, recycled material suitable to be used in another application. - APCO 


we believe in spreading happiness and inspiring environmentally friendly choices (with a focus on a zero waste and circular economy).

waste doesn't need to exist. we challenge and inspire humans to realise their potential in making  a positive difference in the world. we do this through education: spreading our message on social media, creating blogs based on frequently asked questions and sending the occasional email.

we make sure everything we spread is accurate and honest information (as much as possible at the time!). our founder, MJ is responsible for checking all information that is published.  


how we really make an impact is through:


we believe that you can have all the physical tools to make a difference, but if you don't have the knowledge or know how to use the physical tools then how can you really make an impact? we use all our platforms (instagram, facebook, emails and blogs) to spread awareness and empower you with accurate, up to date and relevant knowledge to make a difference. 


our kraft gift boxes: this was a tough-y. finding an Australian manufacturer that shared our values and could provide a recycled and recyclable gift box with non-toxic inks, that could be ordered with low minimums and was secure enough to make it through transit! 

then there was our food packaging: we tried to find a recycled option, however with low MOQs this was non-existent. this is on the cards though! we hope to grow so that we can find a manufacturer that can create food packaging is at least 80% recycled materials. currently, we work with a local soft plastic manufacturer that uses processes to minimise the waste created. they only work with recyclable plastics and even have their own recycling scheme for other commercial businesses to return any plastics. 

production selection

our products do good, and are from good people. we do checks on the products such as what inks were used for labels and any printing, what packaging do they ship their products in?, how much waste is included in the production of the product? and how are they combating carbon emissions (if any) in their business?. while some of our brands have non-eco friendly products, we understand that the transition to be fully environmentally friendly takes time. this is why we will continue to review and evolve our product selection. we won't hesitate to demote or remove products from our selection if their brands do not continuously aim and have proven steps to becoming zero waste and/or more environmentally friendly. 

what guides us?

we align ourselves with zero waste experts such as the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Zero Waste Alliance and Zero Waste Australia. by keeping up to date with these organisations, we are also learning and ensuring our practices are truely in the zero waste direction. 

even more, we closely focus on the sustainable development goals 11 (sustainable cities and communities), 12 (responsible consumption and production), 13 (climate change), 14 (life below water), 15 (life on land) and 17 (partnerships for the goals). 

what makes us special though is that we don't just stop there. we have formed partnerships with specialists and companies to deepen our zero waste impact: 

  • Philo & Co who consulted on practical zero waste gifting
  • APCO who guided our packaging choices and manufacturing 
  • REDcycle who certified our packaging to be accepted in soft plastic recycling 
  • 1% For The Planet who are given 1% of profits to provide resources to non-for-profits with environmentally friendly missions
  • One Tree Planted who are given funds to plant trees

what's next?

we have so many plans how to continuously improve and live up to our zero waste movement! 

we don't want to give out tooooo many spoilers, but our top three at the moment are: 

  • more recycled content in packaging and products (currently our packaging is 60-80% recycled, we want to aim for 100%!)
  • B Corp certification. wouldn't it be amazing if The Good Give was a B Corp Certified gift box delivery service!
  • creating more informative and education blogs